Why A Food Pantry

Imagine what would happen if you experienced a sudden illness that required an extended hospital stay. What if your place of employment found it necessary to cut back on or eliminate your services. Or your retirement funds shrink to miniscule proportions because of inflation and unexpected expenses. Or, like many in our county, the jobs that are available just don't pay a living wage. Those are realities that are faced by hundreds of our neighbors each and every day here in Newport. Many adults go without eating so their children can have dinner. Asking for help is difficult. They want desparately to be self-sufficient.

At the Newport Food Pantry, we strive to offer assistance in a welcoming atmosphere that allows some choice to people who are, in many ways, out of options in so many areas of their lives.

We get much of our food from the Oregon Food Bank and Food Share of Lincoln County as well as local stores. But quantities and selections are limited so we also rely heavily on donations from people right here in Newport who so generously give of their time, talent, money, and food. We thank each and every one of you who makes this mission possible.

Our Mission

The Newport Food Pantry is dedicated to providing for the needs of hungry people by collecting and distributing food, educating the community about hunger, and collaborating with others who address needs. No child in Newport should go to bed hungry.

This is a shopping pantry so clients can choose the food items and quantities that they will utilize. In addition, through donations from local gardeners and the 12th Street Plant A Row Garden, we provide as much fresh organically grown produce as we can.